Why SharePoint

SharePoint is a robust digital collaborative platform that can be leveraged to create personalized solutions. With borderless capabilities, SharePoint creates space to collaborate in a virtual world. The platform’s intuitive interface gives its users the ability to centralize all the information they need to make an informed business decision.

The SharePoint Process

Before we kick off a SharePoint integration for your business or government entity, we want to identify exactly what process is needed and how the program will best serve you. Below is our Core Innovations SharePoint Process that ensures you get a custom solution for your organizational needs.

The Assessment
Sit down with our master engineer Jessie to fully understand the current situation, frustrations, and optimal goal.

The Plan
Jessie will craft an innovative plan using the SharePoint foundation to support your business needs. He will break it out into phases if necessary to address the most pressing issues first, then go from there.

The Implementation
Our engineers will Implement your SharePoint workspace ensuring it’s set up properly, runs smoothly, and allows technology to empower you and your business.

The Support
We are not a set-it-and-forget-it company. We believe in being your partner for the long-haul. Once we set up your SharePoint workspace, we will be there to ensure it keeps working, no matter what changes!

Organizations That Need SharePoint Integration

SharePoint is the go-to solution for any business with remote employees who require borderless communication and collaboration. If you are experiencing any of the frustrations below, SharePoint may be the solution for you!

If you:

  • Have a team that requires a centralized digital workspace for remote collaboration
    - but finds that collaboration is less than optimal when virtually based
  • Are experiencing frustration communicating with colleagues outside of your business’s home area
  • Would like to have your business metrics cataloged in an easy-to-understand method

SharePoint may be the perfect fit to eliminate frustrations for you and your team.