What Is The Core Process

Every single Core Innovations project is custom designed and built around your challenge.

We don’t fit you into a box.

We build a box for you!

Even if that box needs some unique nooks and angles,

we’ve got you.

The Assessment
Sit down with our master engineer Jessie to fully understand the current situation, frustrations, and optimal goal.

The Plan
Jessie will craft an innovative plan to support your core! He will break it out into phases if necessary to address the most pressing issues first, then go from there.

The Implementation
Our engineers will support implementation from start to finish to ensure it’s set up properly, smoothly, and allows technology to empower your innovation.

The Support
We are not a set-it-and-forget-it company. We believe in being your partner for the long-haul. This means that we hold ourselves accountable to set things up right from the get-go and will be there to ensure it keeps working, no matter what changes!