Services We Offer

We are experts at looking at the big picture of how systems integrate, then building the correct structures to help them communicate and work better together. This frees up employees from constantly bridging the gap between inefficient systems and running data extraction, cleansing and insertion.
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We extract information from the customer to correctly identify both the heart of the problem and any ancillary problems so that resolutions can be designed and integrated.
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We build plans that showcase how all the moving parts of multiple systems should work together to execute a design and accomplish organizational goals, which includes documenting the technical requirements that will be required to ensure the design works as planned.
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We examine all moving pieces of software infrastructure to identify the breaking points and solutions to resolve them and return the system to optimal performance.
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We design and implement website architecture from a 100% customizable standpoint. We build websites that produce the exact effect our customers are looking for. Wordpress or template programs not capable of what you need? Core Innovations is the right website architecture development firm for you.
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We stay abreast of new developments in the industry to provide insight at a glance and using that information along with extensive research to evaluate technology options in-depth, identifying the correct and innovative solution to resolve our client’s organizational challenges.
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As one of the leading consultants on SharePoint integration for large and small organizations, we empower entire teams to operate more efficiently and enable virtual workspaces that heavily decrease and eliminate disconnects and information isolation. Learn More
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We offer a full stack of development skills and support to build and maintain applications as needed for client facing, employee facing, or vendor facing applications. Learn More
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We develop and maintain databases in order to help move information from one place to another, or one software to another. Whether that is client or customer facing, internally, or among vendors, we are well versed in managing front-end components, data processing, and back end of storage.
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  • Programming

    • .NET Core; C-sharp .NET (C#); Visual Basic .NET; PowerShell

  • Web UI Development

    • ASP.NET; ASP.NET Core; Angular; HTML; JSON; XML; jQuery; JavaScript; Bootstrap; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Application Development Environments

    • Microsoft Azure; Visual Studio.NET; DevOps; Windows Server; Internet Information Services (IIS);.NET Core; Team Foundation Server; Git for TFS

  • Database

    • SQL Server; Transact Structured Query Language (T-SQL); Relational database modeling and development; Data Integration and migration; Report development

  • Content Management System

    • SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise 2019; 2016; 2013; 2010

  • Cloud Collaboration

    • Microsoft Azure; Office 365; Teams